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Flower 1 "Hana"
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Spring These flowers are seen anywhere, at home gardens, in parks, at roads, in farms, in mountains etc. in each season in Japan.
The flower names are also shown in Japanese. If Japanese language and fonts are not installed in your computer, it may be changed not to recognize.

Flowers in Spring/March - May. (1-4)

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Family at this page:
Apiaceae, Buxaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Celastraceae, Chloranthaceae, Equisetaceae, Ericaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Hippocastanaceae, Meliaceae, Osmundaceae, Pittosporaceae, Polygonaceae, Theaceae, Umbelliferae

Cicely "Yabu-Ninjin":April-May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Osmorhiza aristata/ Apiaceae or Umbelliferae
Language of Flower: -
Japanese Name & Family Name Fƒ„ƒuƒjƒ“ƒWƒ“iåMlŽQj/ƒZƒŠ‰Èƒ„ƒuƒjƒ“ƒWƒ“‘®
Yabu-Ninjin Yab-Nibjin Yab-Nibjin
 Photo:April 26, 2008(Right).
Yabu-Ninjin Yab-Nibjin
 Photo:April 26, 2008(Left, Right).

Erect Hedgeparsley, Japanese Hedge-parsley "Yabu-Jirami":May-July,
Botanical Name/ Family : Torilis japonica/ Apiaceae or Umbelliferae
Language of Flower: Don't pass up
Japanese Name & Family Name Fƒ„ƒuƒWƒ‰ƒ~iåMålj/ƒZƒŠ‰Èƒ„ƒuƒWƒ‰ƒ~‘®
Yabu-Jirami Yabu-Jirami Yabu-Jirami
 Photo:May 18, 2007(Left, Center, Right).
Yabu-Jirami Yabu-Jirami
 Photo:May 18, 2007(Left), June 5, 2007(Right).

Rough Hedgeparsley "O-Yabu-Jirami":May-July,
Botanical Name/ Family : Torilis scabra/ Apiaceae or Umbelliferae
Language of Flower: -
Japanese Name & Family Name FƒIƒ„ƒuƒWƒ‰ƒ~i—Y–÷ålj/ƒZƒŠ‰Èƒ„ƒuƒWƒ‰ƒ~‘®
O-Yabu-Jirami O-Yabu-Jirami
 Photo:June 6, 2007(Left, Right).
 Photo:June 6, 2007.

Chinaberry, White Cedar "Sendan":May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Melia azedarach var. subtripinnata/ Meliaceae
Language of Flower: Different Opinion
Japanese Name & Family Name FƒZƒ“ƒ_ƒ“iñ’hj/ƒZƒ“ƒ_ƒ“‰ÈƒZƒ“ƒ_ƒ“‘®
[No photo of flower now]
Sendan Sendan
 Photo:May 12, 2007(Left, Right).
arrow Chinaberry "Sendan"-Autumn

Zenmai, Flowering Fern, Royal Fern "Zenmai":Spring,
Botanical Name/ Family : Osmunda japonica Thunb./ Osmundaceae
Language of Flower: Dream
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name Fƒ[ƒ“ƒ}ƒCiåNj/ƒ[ƒ“ƒ}ƒC‰ÈƒVƒ_‘®
Zenmai Zenmai
 Photo:August 1, 2006(Left, Right).
 Photo:April 6, 2007.

- "Hitorishizuka":April - May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Chloranthus japonicus/ Chloranthaceae
Chinese Name : ‹âü‘/ yin2xian4cao3
Language of Flower:In answer to love, Hidden beauty
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒqƒgƒŠƒVƒYƒJiˆêlÃjAƒVƒYƒJƒSƒ[ƒ“iÃŒä‘Oj/ƒZƒ“ƒŠƒ‡ƒE‰Èƒ`ƒƒƒ‰ƒ“‘®
Hitorishizuka Hitorishizuka Hitorishizuka
 Photo:April 26, 2016(Left - Right).
Hitorishizuka Hitorishizuka Hitorishizuka
 Photo:April 26, 2016.

- "Futarishizuka":April - June,
Botanical Name/ Family : Chloranthus serratus/ Chloranthaceae
Chinese Name : ‹yŒÈ/ ji2ji3CŽl—t›”/ si4ye4dui4, Žl—t×h/ si4ye4xi4xin1
Language of Flower: Together for ever and a day
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name Fƒtƒ^ƒŠƒVƒYƒJi“ñlÃj/ƒZƒ“ƒŠƒ‡ƒE‰Èƒ`ƒƒƒ‰ƒ“‘®
Futarishizuka Futarishizuka Futarishizuka
 Photo:May 9, 2009(Left - Right).
 Photo:May 9, 2009.

Garden Sorrel, Sour Dock, Sorrel "Suiba":April-May(August),
Botanical Name/ Family : Rumex acetosa/ Polygonaceae
Language of Flower: -
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒXƒCƒoiŽ_—tj/ƒ^ƒf‰ÈƒMƒVƒMƒV‘®
Suiba Suiba
 Photo:April 17, 2006(Left, Right).
arrow Sheep Sorrel, Red Sorrel, Sour Weed, Field Sorrel "Hime-Suiba"-Summer
Suiba Suiba
 Photo:April 13, 2007(Left, Right).
Suiba Suiba Suiba
 Photo:May 3, 2007(Left, Center, Right).
 Photo:April 13, 2007.

Japanese Pachysandra, Japanese Spurge "Fukisou":March-May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Pachysandra terminalis/ Buxaceae
Language of Flower: Congratulation
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒtƒbƒLƒ\ƒEi•x‹M‘j/ƒcƒQ‰ÈƒtƒbƒLƒ\ƒE‘®
Fukisou Fukisou Fukisou
 Photo:April 17, 2008(Left, Center, Right).
 Yokohama, Kanagawa
 Photo:December 10, 2008.
 Yokohama, Kanagawa

Azalea "Tsutsuji":April-May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Rhododendron/ Ericaceae
Language of Flower: Self-control, Moderation, Red=Joy of love, White=First love
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒcƒcƒWiçUçPj/ƒcƒcƒW‰ÈƒcƒcƒW‘®
Tsutsuji Tsutsuji
Tsutsuji Tsutsuji
Tsutsuji Tsutsuji Tsutsuji

Azalea "Itsuba-Tsutsuji":March-April,
Botanical Name/ Family : Rhododendoron dilatatum/ Ericaceae
Language of Flower: abstinenceß§
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name Fƒ~ƒcƒoƒcƒcƒWiŽO—tçUçPj/ƒcƒcƒW‰ÈƒcƒcƒW‘®
Mitsuba-Tsutsuji Mitsuba-Tsutsuji
 Photo:December 1, 2008(Left, Right).

Yamatsutsuji Azalea "Yama-Tsutsuji":April-June,
Botanical Name/ Family : Rhododendoron obtusm var. kaempferi/ Ericaceae
Language of Flower: Burning Love
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name Fƒ„ƒ}ƒcƒcƒWiŽRçUçPj/ƒcƒcƒW‰ÈƒcƒcƒW‘®
Yama-Tsutsuji Yama-Tsutsuji Yama-Tsutsuji
 Photo:May 12, 2007(Left, Center, Right).

Mountain Laurel, Spoonwood "Karumia, Seiyou Shakunage, Amerika Shakunage":May-June,
Botanical Name/ Family : Kalmia latifolia/ Ericaceae
Language of Flower: Ambition, elegant lady
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒJƒ‹ƒ~ƒAAƒZƒCƒˆƒEƒVƒƒƒNƒiƒQi¼—mÎ“í‰ÔjAƒAƒƒŠƒJƒVƒƒƒNƒiƒQiƒAƒƒŠƒJÎ“í‰Ôj/ƒcƒcƒW‰ÈƒJƒ‹ƒ~ƒA‘®
Karumia Karumia
 Photo:May 26, 2006(Left, Right).
Karumia Karumia
 Photo:May 18, 2008(Left, Right).

Japanese Andromeda "Asebi":March-May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Pieris japonica/ Ericaceae
Language of Flower: Sacrifice, Let's go on trip
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒAƒZƒri”nŒ–؁j/ƒcƒcƒW‰ÈƒAƒZƒr‘®
Asebi Asebi Asebi
 Photo:April 9, 2006(Left, Center), February 22, 2007 (RightRight).
 Photo:(Buds)September 5, 2006.

Japanese Andromeda "Akebono-Asebi":March-May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Pieris japonica ‚†.rosea/ Ericaceae
Language of Flower: Sacrifice, Let's go on trip
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒAƒPƒ{ƒmƒAƒZƒriŒ”nŒ–؁j/ƒcƒcƒW‰ÈƒAƒZƒr‘®
Akebono-Asebi Akebono-Asebi
 Photo:February 25, 2007(Left, Right).
arrow Flower of the Month
 Photo:February 25, 2007.

Dodan-tsutsuji "Doudan-Tsutsuji":April-May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Enkianthus perulatus/ Ericaceae
Language of Flower: Moderation, Temperance
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒhƒEƒ_ƒ“ƒcƒcƒWi–ž“V¯çUçPA“”‘äçUçPj/ƒcƒcƒW‰ÈƒhƒEƒ_ƒ“ƒcƒcƒW‘®
Doudan-Tsutsuji Doudan-Tsutsuji
 Photo:April 21, 2006(Left, Right).

Camellia "Tsubaki":December-April,
Botanical Name/ Family Name : Camellia japonica/ Theaceae
Language of Flower: Ideal love, Modesty
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒcƒoƒLi’ցj/ƒcƒoƒL‰ÈƒcƒoƒL‘®
 Photo:April 2, 2001(Left).
arrow Camellia "Tsubaki"-Winter

Sun spurge, Wartweed "Toudai-Gusa":April-June,
Botanical Name/ Family : Euphorbia helioscopia/ Euphorbiaceae
Language of Flower:
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒgƒEƒ_ƒCƒOƒTi“”‘䑐jAƒXƒYƒtƒŠƒoƒii—éU‰Ôj/ƒgƒEƒ_ƒCƒOƒT‰ÈƒgƒEƒ_ƒCƒOƒT‘®
Toudai-Gusa Toudai-Gusa
 Photo:May 25, 2006(Left, Right).
 arrow Flower of the Month

Toudai-Gusa Toudai-Gusa
 Photo:March 24, 2007(Left, Right).

Reproductive Shoot of the Field Horsetail "Tsukushi":March-May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Equisetum arvense/ Equisetaceae
Language of Flower:
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒcƒNƒVi“y•MjAƒXƒMƒii™Øj/ƒgƒNƒT‰ÈƒgƒNƒT‘®
Tsukushi Tsukushi
 Photo:April 9, 2006(Left), March 28, 2006(Right).
arrow Flower of the Month
 Photo:May 12, 2006.

Red Horse Chestnut "Benibana-Tochinoki":May-June,
Botanical Name/ Family : Aesculus carnea/ Hippocastanaceae
Language of Flower: Luxury
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name Fƒxƒjƒoƒiƒgƒ`ƒmƒLig‰Ô“Ȃ̖؁j/ƒgƒ`ƒmƒL‰Èƒgƒ`ƒmƒL‘®
Benibana-Tochinoki Benibana-Tochinoki Benibana-Tochinoki
 Photo:May 12, 2006(Left, Center), May 16, 2007(Right).

Tobira "Tobera":April-June,
Botanical Name/ Family : Pittosporum tobira/ Pittosporaceae
Language of Flower: Meeting again
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name Fƒgƒxƒ‰iŠC‹Ë‰ÔjAƒgƒrƒ‰ƒLAƒgƒrƒ‰ƒmƒLi”à‚̖؁j/ƒgƒxƒ‰‰Èƒgƒxƒ‰‘®
Tobera Tobera
 Photo:June 1, 2006(Left, Right).
Tobera Tobera Tobera
 Photo:November 8, 2006(Left), November 16, 2006(Center), November 22, 2006(Right).

Chickweed "Hakobe":March-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Stellaria media/ Caryophyllaceae
Language of Flower: Recollection, Promise, Change, Avoidance
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒnƒRƒxi”Éã~jAƒRƒnƒRƒxi¬”Éã~j/ƒiƒfƒVƒR‰ÈƒnƒRƒx‘®

No Photos now.

[Notes]: The Seven Spring Herbs in Japan "t‚ÌŽµ‘"
JapaneseEnglishScientific Name/ Family
Seri/ ‹Úi‚¹‚èjJapanese Parsleyarrow Oenanthe stolonifera/ Apiaceae(Umbelliferae)
Nazuna/ åTi‚È‚¸‚ȁjShepherd's Pursearrow Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik./ Cruciferae
Gogyou/ ŒäŒ`i‚²‚¬‚傤jCudweed, Jersey Cudweedarrow Gnaphalium affine/ Asteraceae
Hakobe/ ”Éã~i‚Í‚±‚ׂçjChickweedarrow Stellaria media/ Caryophyllaceae
Hotoke-no-Za/ •§‚̍Ài‚Ù‚Æ‚¯‚Ì‚´jJapanese Nipplewortarrow Lapsana apogoniides, Lapsana humilis/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Suzuna/ äÁi‚·‚¸‚ȁjTurniparrow Brassica rapa/ Cruciferae
Suzushiro/ åfä÷i‚·‚¸‚µ‚ëjJapanese Radisharrow Raphanus sativus/ Cruciferae

Giant Chickweed, Water Chickweed "Ushi-Hakobe":April-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Stellaria aquatica/ Caryophyllaceae
Language of Flower: Innocence
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒEƒVƒnƒRƒxi‹”Éã~j/ƒiƒfƒVƒR‰ÈƒEƒVƒnƒRƒx‘®
Ushi-Hakobe Ushi-Hakobe
 Photo:July 26, 2006(Left, Right).

Thyme Leaf Sandwort, Thyme-leaved Sandwort "Nomi-no-Tsuzuri":March-June,
Botanical Name/ Family : Arenaria serpyllifolia/ Caryophyllaceae
Language of Flower: -
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name Fƒmƒ~ƒmƒcƒdƒŠi”a‚Ì’Ô‚èj/ƒiƒfƒVƒR‰Èƒmƒ~ƒmƒcƒdƒŠ‘®
Nomi-no-Tsuzuri Nomi-no-Tsuzuri
 Photo:May 5, 2008(Left, Right).

Mouse-eared Chickweed "Oranda-Miminagusa":March-May,
Botanical Name/ Family : Cerastium glomeratum/ Caryophyllaceae
Language of Flower: Pure hearted
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name FƒIƒ‰ƒ“ƒ_ƒ~ƒ~ƒiƒOƒTiƒIƒ‰ƒ“ƒ_Ž¨Ø‘j/ƒiƒfƒVƒR‰Èƒ~ƒ~ƒiƒOƒT‘®
Oranda-Miminagusa Oranda-Miminagusa
 Photo:April 13, 2006(Left, Right).

Corn Cockle, Purple Cockle, Corn Campion, Cornrose "Mugisennou":May-June,
Botanical Name/ Family : Agrostemma githago/ Caryophyllaceae
Chinese Name : ”žå‰¥/ mai4xian1weng1, ”ž“Å‘/ mai4du2cao3
Language of Flower: Good upbringing, Well brought-up
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name Fƒ€ƒMƒZƒ“ƒmƒEi”žå‰¥jAƒ€ƒMƒiƒfƒVƒRi”ž•ŽqjAƒAƒOƒƒXƒeƒ“ƒ}/ƒiƒfƒVƒR‰Èƒ€ƒMƒZƒ“ƒmƒE‘®
Mugisennou Mugisennou
 Photo:May 14, 2012(Left, Right).
arrow Flower of the Month
Mugisennou Mugisennou
 Photo:May 14, 2012(Left, Right).

Hamilton's Spindletree "Mayumi":May-June,
Botanical Name/ Family : Euonymus sieboldianus Blume/ Celastraceae
Language of Flower: Keep your Charm in my Heart
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name Fƒ}ƒ†ƒ~i’hA^‹|A’h‹|j/ƒjƒVƒLƒM‰ÈƒjƒVƒLƒM‘®
Mayumi Mayumi
 Photo:May 12, 2007(Left, Right).
 Photo:May 12, 2007.

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Note:The flowering season of the flowers and the language of the flowers
are mainly based on "No-no-Hana.Machi-no-Hana"(Koudansha).

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