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Flower 2 "Hana"
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Summer These flowers are seen anywhere, at home gardens, in parks, at roads, in farms, in mountains etc. in each season in Japan.
The flower names are also shown in Japanese. If Japanese language and fonts are not installed in your computer, it may be changed not to recognize.

Flowers in Summer/June - August.(2-3)

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Family at this page:
Acanthaceae, Apocynaceae, Asteraceae(Compositae)

Cat's ear "Butana":May-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Hypochoeris radicata/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower:
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :ブタナ(豚菜)、タンポポモドキ/キク科エゾコウゾリナ属
Butana Butana
 Photo:May 21, 2006(Left, Right).

Stokes' aster "Sutokeshia":June-July,
Botanical Nam/ Familye : Stokesia laevis/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Recollection, Reminiscence
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :ストケシア、ルリギク(瑠璃菊)/キク科ストケシア属
Stokesia Stokesia
 Photo:June 21, 2006(Left, Right).

Tickseed, Bigflower Coreopsis, Largeflowered Tickseed, Tickseed Coreopsis "Kinkeigiku":May-August,
Botanical Name/ Family : Coreopsis grandiflora/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Chinese Name : 大花金鶏菊/ da4hua1jin1ji1ju2(注:金鶏菊は学名:Coreopsis basalisとしている。)
Language of Flower: 夏の思い出・小粋・上流への憧憬・上機嫌・陽気・愛の始まり・真心・新鮮で華やか
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :キンケイギク(金鶏菊)、コレオプシス/キク科コレオプシス属
Kinkeigiku Kinkeigiku
 Photo:June 4, 2006(Left, Right).
Kinkeigiku Kinkeigiku
 Photo:June 3, 2006(Left, Right).

Marigold "Marigorudo":May-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Tagetes spp./ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Chinese Name : 万寿菊/ wan4shou4ju2
Language of Flower: Jealousy, Sadness
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :マリーゴルド(フレンチ・マリーゴルド、アフリカン・マリーゴルド、メキシカン・マリーゴルド)/キク科コウオウソウ属(マンジュギク属)
Marigold Marigold
 Photo:June 20, 2015(Left, Right).
 Photo:June 20, 2015.

Black-eyed Susan, Blackeyed Susan "Arage-Hangonsou":June-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Rudbeckia hirta var. pulcherrima/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Justice
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :アラゲハンゴンソウ(荒毛反魂草)、キヌガサギク(絹傘菊)、ルドベキア/キク科オオハンゴンソウ属
Arage-Hangonsou Arage-Hangonsou Arage-Hangonsou
 Photo:July 16, 2006(Left, Center, Right).
Arage-Hangonsou Arage-Hangonsou
 Photo:June 28, 2006(Left, Right).
Arage-Hangonsou Arage-Hangonsou
 Photo:June 30, 2006(Left, Right).

Zinnia, Common Zinnia, Youth-and-old-age "Hyakunichi-Sou":July-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Zinnia elegans/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Chinese Name : 百日草/ bai3ri4cao3,百日菊/ bai3ri4ju2
Language of Flower:Think of the friend, Ties, Happiness
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :ヒャクニチソウ(百日草)、ジニア/キク科ジニア属
Hyakunichi-Sou Hyakunichi-Sou Hyakunichi-Sou
 Photo:August 8, 2009(Left - Right).
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Siberian Yarrow, Yarrow, Achillea "Nokogirisou":May-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Achillea alpina/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Fighting, Guidance
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :アキレア、ノコギリソウ(鋸草)/キク科アキレア(ノコギリソウ)属
Nokogiriso Nokogiriso
 Photo:June 30, 2006(Left, Right).

Yarrow, Achillea "Seiyo-Nokogirisou":June-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Achillea millefolium/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Elegance
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :セイヨウノコギリソウ(西洋鋸草)、アカバナノコギリソウ(赤花鋸草)/キク科アキレア(ノコギリソウ)属
Seiyo-Nokogiriso Seiyo-Nokogiriso
 Photo:July 3, 2006(Left, Right).

Fernleaf Yarrow "Kibana-Nokogirisou":June-July,
Botanical Name/ Family : Achillea filipendulina Lam./ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Fighting, Guidance
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :キバナノコギリソウ(黄花鋸草)/キク科アキレア(ノコギリソウ)属
Kibana-Nokogiriso Kibana-Nokogiriso
 Photo:June 19, 2006(Left, Right).

China Aster "Ezo-Giku, Asutah":June-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Callistephus chinensis/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower:Believe me(White), I trust you, but worry you(Blue), My Love is deeper than yours(Violet)
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :アスター、エゾギク(蝦夷菊),サツマコンギク(薩摩紺菊),エドギク(江戸菊),サツマギク(薩摩菊),チョウセンギク(朝鮮菊),タイミンギク(大明菊)/キク科エゾキク属
Ezo-Giku Ezo-Giku
 Photo:August 3, 2006(Left, Right).
Ezo-Giku Ezo-Giku Ezo-Giku
 Photo:August 3, 2006(Left, Center, Right).

Medallion Daisy, Gold Medallion Flower, Butter Daisy, Star Daisy, Melampodium "Meranpojuumu":June-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Melampodium paludosum/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Health
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :メランポジューム/キク科メランポジューム属
Meranpojuumu Meranpojuumu
 Photo:August 2, 2006(Left, Right).

Dahlia "Daria":June-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Dahlia pinnata/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Magnificence, Elegance
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :ダリア/キク科ダリア属
Dahlia Dahlia
 Photo:June 28, 2006(Left, Right).
Dahlia Dahlia Dahlia
 Photo:June 13, 2006(Left), June 25, 2006(Center), June 30, 2006(Right).

Sunflower "Himawari":May-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Helianthus annuus/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Chinese Name : 向日葵/ xiang4ri4kui2
Language of Flower: Admiration, Ardent Love
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :ヒマワリ(向日葵)、ニチリンソウ(日輪草)/キク科ヒマワリ属
Sunflower Sunflower Sunflower
 Photo:June 30, 2006(Left, Center), August 16, 1999(Right).
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 Photo:August 3, 2006.
Sunflower Sunflower
 Photo:August 11, 2006(Left, Right).

Eastern Daisy Fleabane, Annual Fleabane "Himejoon":June-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Erigeron annuus/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Chinese Name : 一年蓬/ Yinian peng 122
Language of Flower: Neat and clean, Unspoiled
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :ヒメジョオン(姫女苑)、ヤナギバヒメギク(柳葉姫菊)/キク科ムカシヨモギ属
Himejoon Himejoon
 Photo:July 10, 2006(Left, Right).
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Himejoon Harujion
 Left : Eastern Daisy Fleabane "Himejoon".
 Right : Philadelphia Daisy, Philadelphia Fleabane "Harujion", blooming in April - June.
arrow Philadelphia Daisy, Philadelphia Fleabane "Harujion"-Spring
Note in Japanese: ハルジオン(春紫苑)とヒメジョオン(姫女苑)の違い:ハルジオン(春紫苑)は茎が中空で、茎葉の基部が茎を抱く、ヒメジョオン(姫女苑)は中実で、茎葉には柄があって茎を抱かない。また、ハルジオン(春紫苑)はつぼみの時にうつむき加減に下を向く。(小学館:ポケットガイド2 街・里の野草,P26,27,1997)(上部写真参照)

Japanese Aster "Kantou-Yomena":July-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Kalimeris pseudoyomena/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Pretty, Modest Beuty
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :カントウヨメナ(関東嫁菜)/キク科ヨメナ属
Kantou-Yomena Kantou-Yomena
 Photo:July 26, 2007(Left, Right).
 Photo:July 26, 2007.

Orange Cosmos, Sulphur Cosmos, Klondike Cosmos "Kibana-Kosumos":June-November,
Botanical Name/ Family : Cosmos sulphureus/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Wild beauty
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :キバナコスモス(黄花コスモス)/キク科コスモス属
Kibana-Kosumosu Kibana-Kosumosu
 Photo:July 13, 2006(Left, Right).

Japanese Cudweed "Chichikogusa":May-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Gnaphalium japonicum/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Chinese Name : 細葉鼠曲草/ xi4ye4shu3qu1cao3
Language of Flower:
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :チチコグサ(父子草)/キク科ハハコグサ属
Chichikogusa Chichikogusa
 Photo:August 17, 2006(Left, Right).
arrow Cudweed, Jersey Cudweed "Hahako-Gusa"-Spring
Chichikogusa Chichikogusa Chichikogusa
 Photo:Itako,Ibaragi, May 1, 2009(Left - Right).

Shiny Cudweed "Urajiro-Chichikogusa":June-August,
Botanical Name/ Family : Gnaphalium spicatum L./ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower:
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :ウラジロチチコグサ(裏白父子草)/キク科ハハコグサ属
Urajiro-Chichikogusa Urajiro-Chichikogusa
 Photo:June 1, 2006(Left, Right).
arrow Cudweed, Jersey Cudweed "Hahako-Gusa"-Spring
Urajiro-Chichikogusa Urajiro-Chichikogusa
 Photo:May 12, 2007(Left, Right).
Urajiro-Chichikogusa Urajiro-Chichikogusa Urajiro-Chichikogusa
 Photo:May 12, 2007(Left), May 20, 2007(Center, Right).

Purple Cudweed "Chichikogusa-Modoki":May-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Gnaphalium purpureum var. spathulatum/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower:
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :チチコグサモドキ(父子草擬)/キク科ハハコグサ属
Chichikogusa-Modoki Chichikogusa-Modoki
 Photo:July 22, 2006(Left, Right).
arrow Cudweed, Jersey Cudweed "Hahako-Gusa"-Spring

Gayfeather, Blazing Star "Riatorisu":June-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Liatris spicata/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: Desire to improve oneself, Ambition
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :リアトリス、ユリアザミ(百合薊)、キリンギク(麒麟菊)/キク科 リアトリス属
Liatris Liatris Liatris
 Photo:July 12, 2006(Left, Center), July 20, 2006(Right).

False Daisy "Takasaburou":July-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Eclipta prostrata/ Asteraceae(Compositae)
Language of Flower: -
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :タカサブロウ(高三郎)/キク科タカサブロウ属
Takasaburou Takasaburou Takasaburou
 Photo:August 21, 2006(Left, Center, Right).

Bear's Breech, Brank Ursine "Ha-Azami":June-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Acanthus mollis/ Acanthaceae
Language of Flower: Skill
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :ハアザミ(葉薊)、アカンサス/キツネノマゴ科ハアザミ属
Ha-Azami, Acanthus Ha-Azami, Acanthus
 Photo:June 29, 2006(Left, Right).

Oleander "Kyouchikuto":June-September,
Botanical Name/ Family : Nerium indicum/ Apocynaceae
Language of Flower: Caution, a lttle neglect may bread great mischief
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :キョウチクトウ(夾竹桃)/キョウチクトウ科キョウチクトウ属
Kyouchikuto Kyouchikuto Kyouchikuto
 Photo:June 21, 1999(Left, Center), June 23, 2006Right).
Kyouchikuto Kyouchikuto Kyouchikuto
 Photo:June 14, 2006(Left, Center), June 23, 2006(Right).
Kyouchikuto Kyouchikuto
 Photo:June 14, 2006(Left), June 23, 2006(Right).

Madagascar Periwinkle "Nichinichisou":July-October,
Botanical Name/ Family : Catharanthus roseus (=Vinca rosea)/ Apocynaceae
Language of Flower: Friendship
Japanese Name & Family-Genus Name :ニチニチソウ(日々草)、ビンカ(旧学名)/キョウチクトウ科ニチニチソウ属
 Photo:September 18, 2006.
Nichinichisou Nichinichisou Nichinichisou
 Photo:September 18, 2006(Left, Center, Right).

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Note:The flowering season of the flowers and the language of the flowers
are based on "No-no-Hana.Machi-no-Hana"(Koudansha).

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